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#1 Whatsapp Ecommerce Service Provider

Start you WhatsApp store and provide
A new ecommerce experience to you customers

Sell your products
And collect payments from customers Through WhatsApp

Start your Whatsapp Ecommerce service and provide a new ecommerce experience to your customers with a seamless shopping experience through WhatsApp.


Get Whatsapp Ecommerce service and manage your products and product categories with ease and gain full control over hundreds of daily orders through our platform. Additionally, you will have the ability to send messages to thousands of your customers’ WhatsApp numbers without any apprehension regarding message delivery status, even if they have not saved your number in their contacts.

Get the Best Results in eCommerce!
Best features of Watslly
Payment Methods

Multichoice payment methods like Debit/Credit cards, Bank Transfer, and Cash on Delivery. Watslly support large varios of payment gateways like: Stripe – Tap – Moyasar – Iyzico – Paytr

Saving Data

Thanks to the onboarding setup, your customers can place orders without the need to fill in their address and name each time they place a order.


You have the ability to send marketing messages to thousands of customers without worrying about delivery status.

Customer Service

If customers encounter any technical problems, they will be transferred from the automated response mode to regular customer service to receive assistance.

Team Management

You can create different groups and assign permissions to employees within the company. This allows for the management of customer chats on a single WhatsApp number in a professional manner.


You have the capability to deactivate the e-commerce bot and develop your own customized bot for sending messages and facilitating professional chat conversions among employees, tailored to meet the specific needs of customers.

Multi Languages

Your customers who speak Arabic, English, German, or Turkish will be able to use the platform easily.

Verified Badge

With Watslly, you can apply for a WhatsApp Verified Badge after 30 days of subscription. Contact us to fulfill all the conditions required for a WhatsApp Verified account.

Nadir Hamdi

Thank you, Watslly team for a distinguished service that helped us develop our e-commerce thanks to their creative marketing ideas.


I used the Watslly platform for more than two months, and customers really preferred to order via WhatsApp for speed and ease.

Friendly Support Team

If you have any inquiries or if you want to generate monthly income by partnering with Watslly to offfer Whatsapp Ecommerce service, please fill out the form below.